Pastor Philip Pimlot


Philip Pimlott founded HeartsEase Family Life Church in 2003. Originally from Norwich, England, Pastor Philip comes from a long line of ministers. He grew up in a home where he saw God’s word not only spoken, but lived, on a daily basis. That is why he is still so passionate about families today.  Since founding the church, he has seen the church grow and develop into a thriving place of refuge for all those who are hurting and in need. In 2017 HeartsEase Family Life Church became Encounter Church and is what God intended church to be — a place of hope and healing for the entire family.

Pastor Philip, along with his wife Kelly and their six children have such a heart to see families come alive as they discover their God given potential and purpose in Christ. “Having a heart for the House,” is a message they convey over and over again. Pastor Philip believes that if we build God’s House, that in return God will build our homes!