Minister Kristen Maddox


Kristen made a decision to have an abortion when she was sixteen years old. This “choice” led her down a dark path of drug addiction, which led to a cycle of incarceration and desperation. There was a cry deep inside her soul for freedom. Jesus literally rescued her out of a prison far worse than any jail she’d ever been to. God restored everything the enemy had stolen. Kristen spent eleven years counseling women at a crisis pregnancy center, in prison ministry, and leading support groups. She realized that a few minutes in a counseling room, or a couple hours in the prison or support group is not always enough. Without a place to go, they will return to the abusive boyfriend, the crackhouse, the streets, the prison or possibly end up dead! God spoke to her and said, ”Pull them out of the fire, for some have escaped death for the last time!” This calling burns in her soul. The Lord has given her a vision for a home for girls. She believes that when these girls are reaching out for help, A Door of Hope will be there reaching back for them and we will bring them to the only one who can truly help them – Jesus.